Vlad Lantratov to Principal

Only nine months ago, I wrote a short entry about Vladislav Lantratov having been promoted to Leading Soloist of the Bolshoi Ballet (https://kodamaballet.wordpress.com/2012/12/20/vladislav-lantratov-promoted/), and predicted that he would before long make it to the rank of a Principal Dancer. Well, he has done it! It was announced on 24th September 2013 that he is promoted to Principal Dancer.

Vladislav Lantratov ©D&D Art Production

Vladislav Lantratov
©D&D Art Production

Lantratov joined the Bolshoi Ballet upon graduating from the Bolshoi Ballet’s school, the Moscow Choreographic Academy, in 2006.  His first promotion, to Soloist, was in September 2010. He was promoted again to First Soloist in September 2011 and then up to Leading Soloist in December 2012.


Lantratov and Zakharova in La Bayadere

I noticed him for the first time when I went to see a live transmission of Pharaoh’s Daughter from the Bolshoi Theatre in December 2012. See the archived blog for the full review  (https://kodamaballet.wordpress.com/2012/12/06/pharaohs-daughter-bloshoi-ballet-live-transmission/). In that production he was dancing the role of a Fisherman; interesting but not a very big role. However, he caught my eye and impressed me. Since then I have been keen for more opportunities to watch him dance. I saw him dance the lead opposite two top ballerinas, Maria Alexandrova and Svetlana Zakharova, in La Bayadere in January 2013, shortly after he was promoted to a leading soloist (https://kodamaballet.wordpress.com/2013/01/31/la-bayadere-bolshoi-ballet-in-cinema/) . This performance deepened my conviction that he would climb the ladder of the ranks in the Bolshoi Ballet fairly quickly.

Lantratov and Alexandrova in the Flames of Paris

Lantratov and Alexandrova in the Flames of Paris

When Bolshoi Ballet came to London this summer, I ordered a ticket for a specific performance in order to see Lantratov and Alexandrova in the Flames of Paris, but due to Alexandrova’s injury earlier in the tour, the casting was changed and I did not get to see him dance on stage. Although the couple who danced in their place (Ivan Vasiliev and Ekaterina Krysanova) was an absolute delight, I was still disappointed at not being able to see the originally cast couple. The Bolshoi Ballet is broadcasting a fair few of their performances to cinemas around the world again this season. I am already looking forward to seeing them, and with luck Lantratov will dance the lead in one or two of the performances that they broadcast!

Lantratov and Smirnova in Onegin

Lantratov and Smirnova in Onegin

If you are lucky enough to be in Moscow, his next lead role seems to be the title role of Cranko’s Onegin with Olga Smirnova, who was also promoted to Leading Soloist yesterday. Lantratov appears to be dancing the role of the Evil Genius in Grigorovich’s Swan Lake as I write this article right now.

Lantratov as the Evil Genius and Svetlana Lunkina as Odile

Lantratov as the Evil Genius and Svetlana Lunkina as Odile


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